Meet Tabor Hill’s Winemaker – Michael Merchant

michael_merchantAt Tabor Hill, we like to say, “Wine is made in the vineyard.” Winemaker Michael Merchant oversees the process from vine to glass, ensuring that Tabor Hill wines exceed expectations time and time again.

Merchant earned his degree in Soil Sciences and Winegrape Management from Michigan State University. His passion for winemaking is further fueled by the distinctive terrain of the Tabor Hill property, including our soil, topography and climate conditions.

Pairing his education with more than thirty years of experience in winemaking, Merchant is able to make the critical decisions during harvest, blending, casking and aging that guarantee every bottle of Tabor Hill wine is a premium product.

Merchant is a proud contributor to the Michigan wine industry’s growth and prestige over the last 30 years. The Lake Michigan Shore AVA is becoming a world-class grape growing region, easily rivaling California vineyards and international wineries.

“Tabor Hill has been a pioneer and leader in achieving these [world-class] standards, and our firmly established network of colleagues, advisors and institutions allows us to seize upon advancements as they become available.”

Tabor Hill is nationally regarded as one of Michigan’s top wineries. Merchant credits this to our eagerness to experiment with new varieties and use state-of-the-art techniques to produce new and interesting wines on a regular basis.

We invite you to visit Tabor Hill Winery & Restaurant. Whether you’re a seasoned oenophile or a curious learner, our winemaker has you in mind throughout the entire winemaking process.