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Located just off of I-94, our Bridgman Tasting Room is perfect for quick stops or extended stays in the area. It offers the same great tasting experience as our main winery, where our resident wine experts lead you through our wine menu to sample, including our award-winning Grand Mark.



Monday – Sunday: 11am - 6pm


10243 Red Arrow Highway
Bridgman, MI 49106


Phone: (269) 465-6566
Toll Free: (800)-283-3363

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Private Event Inquiries: [email protected]

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Available Every Day.
Choose from a full menu of Tabor Hill favorites while our friendly and knowledgeable staff guides you through the process.
No reservation needed (call-aheads are appreciated for groups of 10+).
You choose any 6 wines.
Receive a souvenir wine glass.
Bonus: Receive $5 off every three-bottle purchase!

Tasting List

Dry Whites

Pinot Gris $8 | $19.99

2018 Lake Michigan Shore • A delicate and refreshing wine. It has hints of citrus and honey with subtle fresh fruit aromas. Well-balanced across the palate, with a nice crisp finish. RS 0%

Albariño$10 | $24.99

2018 Lake Michigan Shore • Aromas of lime and apple, with some grassiness and a hint of honeydew melon rind. Crisp and refreshing in the mouth with a cleansing finish. RS 0%

Dry Gewürztraminer$8 | $19.99

2018 Lake Michigan Shore • Aromas of rose petals, orange pekoe tea, and lychee nut. Lively acidity in the mouth with lingering fruit and spicy characters. RS 0%

Pinot Blanc$10 | $24.99

2018 Lake Michigan Shore • Aromas of cream, apple, and wet stone, this pleasing and delicate wine is soft on the palate. RS 0.25%

Chardonnay$12 | $24.99

2018 Lake Michigan Shore • Aromas of cream, pastry, lemon, and pear with a bit of vanilla and lightly toasted oak. Full-bodied mouthfeel balanced nicely with the acidity. RS 0%

Dry Reds

Cabernet Franc$12 | $27.99

2017 Lake Michigan Shore • Beautiful aromas of red plum, graphite, and smoked meat. It has a soft mouthfeel with the perfect balance of acidity, which brightens the fruit expression. RS 0%

Cabernet Sauvignon$15 | $36.99

2017 Lake Michigan Shore • Rich, smooth, and fruity with aromas of cranberry, cherry, toasted coconut, and oak. A touch of tannin and acidity in the finish will enhance its development over time. RS 0%

Merlot$12 | $32.99

2016 Lake Michigan Shore • Jammy flavors of blackberry, along with softer tannins and medium acidity. Secondary flavors are vanilla, toasted bread, leather, tobacco, and earth. RS 0%

Pinot Noir$12 | $32.99

2017 Lake Michigan Shore • Aromas of cinnamon and a bit of clove, with sweet cherry and toasty oak. Soft in the mouth with polished, fine grain tannins and a lingering finish. RS 0%

Vineyard Red$7 | $19.99

Round Barn Winery • With aromas of toasty oak, red plum, fig, and a hint of clove, this easy-drinking red blend is very soft and features some blackberry flavors. A great everyday wine. RS 0%

Rosé$10 | $19.99

2018 Lake Michigan Shore • Aromas of rose hips and yellow plums, soft tannins and acidity in the mouth. RS 0.25%


Valvin Muscat$8 | $16.99

2017 Lake Michigan Shore • Distinctive floral aroma reminiscent of honeysuckle with lime and orange. It's a very pretty and delicate wine with the perfect balance of sweetness and acidity. RS 2.3%

Gewürztraminer$8 | $19.99

2018 Lake Michigan Shore • Classical semi-dry style. Gorgeous aromas of rose petal, orange blossom, passion fruit, and a lush and viscous mouthfeel. RS 2.7%

Riesling$8 | $16.99

2017 Lake Michigan Shore • Aromas of Gala apple, nectarine, and wild rose petal along with a hint of slate. Fruity flavors with just the right amount of sweetness of balance the acidity. RS 2.5%

Classic Demi-Sec$7 | $12.99

This delicious white blend is soft, slightly fruit, and semi-dry. It is by far our most popular wine and is perfect for any occasion. RS 3.5%

Classic Demi-Red$7 | $12.99

An exciting, well-balanced marriage uniting our famous Classic Demi-Sec with a special red blend. With hints of sweetness and tannin, the wine is great for both red and white wine drinkers alike. RS 4%

Moscato$7 | $14.99

Beautiful aromas of white peaches and rose, this wine is well-balanced and finishes with notes of honeydew melon. RS 7.8%

Cherry Moscato$7 | $14.99

Moscato's luxurious sweetness is balanced by the bright, fresh flavor of Balaton cherries in this easy-to-drink, rosé-colored wine. RS 8.8%


Sparkling Demi-Sec$7 | $16.99

We've taken our best selling wine and added some fun - aka, bubbles! Both sweet and dry wine drinkers will love this complex white sparkling wine. RS 4%

Sparkling Demi-Red$7 | $16.99

The complement to our new Sparkling Demi-Sec! This blend has cherry and red plum dancing on your pallet with enough sweetness to balance the soft tannins. RS 4%

Sparkling Cherry$7 | $16.99

Our famous Cherry wine is now available with bubbles! Intense cherry aromas and luscious dark cherry color boasting flavors of cinnamon, allspice, and cardamom. Especially great of making homemade sangria! RS 8.8%

Sparkling Cherry Moscato$7 | $16.99

The bubbly version of our new Cherry Moscato. Sweet, bright, and refreshing! RS 8.8%

Fruit Wines

Blueberry Franc$10 | $29.99

This sweet, fortified dessert wine marries our Cabernet Franc Port-style wine with fresh Michigan blueberry wine, resulting in a delicious drink combining delightful blueberry aromatics with the typical nutty and tawny aromas of Port-style wines. RS 8.5%

Farm Market Plum$7 | $13.99

Round Barn Winery • Light in body with a spicy finish. RS 9%

Cherry$7 | $15.99

The closest thing to cherry pie in a bottle! Made from 100% Michigan Cherries, it is softly sweet with a spicy, yet tart, finish. RS 10%

Cranberry$7 | $13.99

An enticing balance of sweetness and fresh tartness. Great as a dessert wine paired with chocolate or with Thanksgiving dinner. RS 13.5%